Friday, July 20, 2012

deflecting attention

those of you who know me, at all, know that i am, if nothing else, one thing: opinionated.  unfortunately, i lack the ability to control that rush of adrenaline when confronted with a verbal altercation, and so my debating skills are severely stunted.

to put it another way, i get so worked up that i forget pretty much everything i could and should say.

i would love to be more assertive in my opinions.  i would love to put people in their place when i see fit.

i've realized that one of the main reasons i don't assert myself more often is a deep desire not to draw attention to myself, because i am very afraid that the other party will comment on my weight.  i have a deep fear of people noticing and insulting me about it.

on a more positive note, today was a much better day.  in fact, i'd go so far as to say i think i look pretty good.

my cheek hurts, though.

OK, go.

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